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Rainbow State Paint contact page.  Benjamin moore



  1. Loop a string through the hole on the bottom of the bell and tie in a knot. (This is where the strips will attach.)

  2. Do the same to the hole on top of the bell. (This is how your bell will hang.)

  3. Loop one strip of paper through the tied string at the bottom of the bell and staple ends together forming a circle. Continue with the rest of the red and green strips of paper (alternating as you go) making a chain until you have the correct amount of loops for days until Christmas.

  4. Hang and prepare to countdown! Take one off each night before bed or each morning upon rising. Here we go! 19 days to Christmas… 18 days… 17 days…

  5. As a bonus, write a good deed on the inside of each strip! When you take off a loop, act upon your deed and spread a little Christmas cheer. 

Christmas Decoration

This paint chip project for kids makes counting down to the holidays a cinch! Grab a marker and a stapler to start this easy Christmas Countdown Chain craft.

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